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About Us

About Us



Seajewels has magically combined the irresistible beauty of the sea, alluring aroma and exotic destinations into a unique concept. The combined presentation entices consumers throughout the world.


Our Mission

Our Inspiration
The essence of Seajewels creations is inspired by the ocean and its sea life.


Our Philosophy
To transform sea life elements into charismatic and unique creations, and harmonize this concept with the name and spirit of exotic destinations.


Our Principles:

Mother nature is our guiding role model, which we portray in the pureness of our sea creations.


The strong affinity toward the sea is sometimes an inexplicable emotion. The harmonious blend of Seajewels with exotic destinations communicates this feeling.


Our standards of quality incorporate the highest levels of craftsmanship utilizing only the finest materials available. This standard is maintained throughout every aspect of our products.


Customer Service
It is our intent to provide the highest level of service in order to meet our customers innermost needs. We pride ourselves on reliability, and service that exceeds ones expectations.

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