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Creating its own story, this fragrance becomes a woman. Shell is unique and classic, with a hint of elegance and maturity.
This fragrance has a high visual impact with its sea shell shapped bottle that makes it a unique product in the market.
It is an eau de parfum with an 18% of concentration, Green-Floral with fresh notes of tangerine that amalgamate the ylang-ylang and jasmine.
This fragrance creates a romantic and elegant atmosphere joined with an intense and seductive Perfume, that evokes an evening on a Caribbean beach where the warm breezes subtly strokes your skin.


Top notes: bergamot and green notes.
Heart notes: lilies, carnations, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine and violets.
Bottom notes: cedar, vanilla, amber and musk.

Due to our company's efforts to help share all the good. Now you can buy 2 of the 25 ml peel for the price of ONE 50 ml. Hoping you NEAR your favorite shell and then BESTOW to a friend or family member. Eua de Parfum for Women - Shell 50 ml / 1.7 fl. Oz.
Eua de Parfum for Women
Edp Shell 25ml. / .85 fl.oz.
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